Details of SCOP family a.4.5.3

SCOP class : All alpha proteins

SCOP fold : DNA/RNA-binding 3-helical bundle

SCOP superfamily : "Winged helix" DNA-binding domain

SCOP family : Arginine repressor (ArgR), N-terminal DNA-binding domain

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Pfam families related to this family

Z score family code family description
19.137 Arg_repressorArginine repressor, DNA binding domain
7.509 B-block_TFIIICB-block binding subunit of TFIIIC
7.514 CrpBacterial regulatory proteins, crp family
22.447 Cullin_Nedd8Cullin protein neddylation domain
27.611 DEPDomain found in Dishevelled, Egl-10, and Pleckstrin (DEP)
7.862 DUF1495Winged helix DNA-binding domain (DUF1495)
7.529 DUF2250Uncharacterized protein conserved in archaea (DUF2250)
7.596 DUF2513Hypothetical protein (DUF2513)
7.846 DUF2551Protein of unknown function (DUF2551)
7.856 DUF3116Protein of unknown function (DUF3116)
7.832 DUF387Putative transcriptional regulators (Ypuh-like)
8.802 DUF4364Domain of unknown function (DUF4364)
8.061 DUF4423Domain of unknown function (DUF4423)
8.406 DUF480Protein of unknown function, DUF480
8.371 FURFerric uptake regulator family
8.358 FaeAFaeA-like protein
7.615 Fe_dep_repressIron dependent repressor, N-terminal DNA binding domain
8.141 FeoCFeoC like transcriptional regulator
8.426 Ftsk_gammaFtsk gamma domain
9.356 GntRBacterial regulatory proteins, gntR family
10.216 HTH_1Bacterial regulatory helix-turn-helix protein, lysR family
8.505 HTH_10HTH DNA binding domain
8.955 HTH_11HTH domain
9.371 HTH_12Ribonuclease R winged-helix domain
9.134 HTH_20Helix-turn-helix domain
8.289 HTH_24Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding
8.748 HTH_27Winged helix DNA-binding domain
9.613 HTH_34Winged helix DNA-binding domain
7.580 HTH_36Helix-turn-helix domain
8.595 HTH_39Helix-turn-helix domain
8.461 HTH_41Helix-turn-helix domain
7.625 HTH_45Winged helix-turn-helix
7.590 HTH_5Bacterial regulatory protein, arsR family
7.500 HTH_9RNA polymerase III subunit RPC82 helix-turn-helix domain
10.312 HTH_AsnC-typeAsnC-type helix-turn-helix domain
8.975 HTH_CodYCodY helix-turn-helix domain
9.882 HTH_Crp_2Crp-like helix-turn-helix domain
7.707 HTH_DeoRDeoR-like helix-turn-helix domain
9.853 HTH_IclRIclR helix-turn-helix domain
7.561 HTH_MgaM protein trans-acting positive regulator (MGA) HTH domain
8.572 HTH_Tnp_Tc3_2Transposase
8.043 HrcA_DNA-bdgWinged helix-turn-helix transcription repressor, HrcA DNA-binding
8.441 HxlRHxlR-like helix-turn-helix
7.648 LexA_DNA_bindLexA DNA binding domain
10.433 MarRMarR family
10.122 MarR_2MarR family
8.052 PaaXPaaX-like protein
12.177 PadRTranscriptional regulator PadR-like family
11.315 Penicillinase_RPenicillinase repressor
13.626 Put_DNA-bind_NPutative DNA-binding protein N-terminus
12.029 RP-CReplication protein C N-terminal domain
8.350 RepLFirmicute plasmid replication protein (RepL)
8.377 Rio2_NRio2, N-terminal
7.647 Rrf2Transcriptional regulator
7.569 RuvB_CHolliday junction DNA helicase ruvB C-terminus
8.156 SelB-wing_3Elongation factor SelB, winged helix
8.001 SgrR_NSugar transport-related sRNA regulator N-term
8.126 Sulfolobus_pRNSulfolobus plasmid regulatory protein
7.620 TFIIE_alphaTFIIE alpha subunit
19.688 TFIIF_alphaTranscription initiation factor IIF, alpha subunit (TFIIF-alpha)
9.805 TrmBSugar-specific transcriptional regulator TrmB