Details of SCOP family a.4.5.39

SCOP class : All alpha proteins

SCOP fold : DNA/RNA-binding 3-helical bundle

SCOP superfamily : "Winged helix" DNA-binding domain

SCOP family : Penicillinase repressor

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Pfam families related to this family

Z score family code family description
7.846 DUF2551Protein of unknown function (DUF2551)
7.856 DUF3116Protein of unknown function (DUF3116)
8.814 DUF4364Domain of unknown function (DUF4364)
8.061 DUF4423Domain of unknown function (DUF4423)
8.406 DUF480Protein of unknown function, DUF480
9.715 FURFerric uptake regulator family
7.615 Fe_dep_repressIron dependent repressor, N-terminal DNA binding domain
9.371 HTH_12Ribonuclease R winged-helix domain
9.134 HTH_20Helix-turn-helix domain
8.698 HTH_24Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding
9.528 HTH_27Winged helix DNA-binding domain
9.613 HTH_34Winged helix DNA-binding domain
8.207 HTH_5Bacterial regulatory protein, arsR family
7.707 HTH_DeoRDeoR-like helix-turn-helix domain
8.441 HxlRHxlR-like helix-turn-helix
8.959 LexA_DNA_bindLexA DNA binding domain
13.115 MarRMarR family
10.488 MarR_2MarR family
8.052 PaaXPaaX-like protein
12.246 PadRTranscriptional regulator PadR-like family
24.428 Penicillinase_RPenicillinase repressor
8.126 Sulfolobus_pRNSulfolobus plasmid regulatory protein
7.620 TFIIE_alphaTFIIE alpha subunit
11.953 TrmBSugar-specific transcriptional regulator TrmB