Details of SCOP family a.4.5.6

SCOP class : All alpha proteins

SCOP fold : DNA/RNA-binding 3-helical bundle

SCOP superfamily : "Winged helix" DNA-binding domain

SCOP family : GntR-like transcriptional regulators

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Pfam families related to this family

Z score family code family description
8.466 AphA_likePutative AphA-like transcriptional regulator
8.088 Arg_repressorArginine repressor, DNA binding domain
10.380 ArsRArsR transcriptional regulator
8.096 B-block_TFIIICB-block binding subunit of TFIIIC
7.582 Cdc6_CCDC6, C terminal
7.636 CrpBacterial regulatory proteins, crp family
8.518 DUF1495Winged helix DNA-binding domain (DUF1495)
8.262 DUF2250Uncharacterized protein conserved in archaea (DUF2250)
8.011 DUF2513Hypothetical protein (DUF2513)
8.811 DUF2551Protein of unknown function (DUF2551)
9.022 DUF3116Protein of unknown function (DUF3116)
19.668 DUF387Putative transcriptional regulators (Ypuh-like)
9.523 DUF4364Domain of unknown function (DUF4364)
7.931 FURFerric uptake regulator family
9.655 FaeAFaeA-like protein
9.666 Fe_dep_repressIron dependent repressor, N-terminal DNA binding domain
19.916 FeoCFeoC like transcriptional regulator
9.301 GntRBacterial regulatory proteins, gntR family
7.762 HTH_1Bacterial regulatory helix-turn-helix protein, lysR family
8.311 HTH_10HTH DNA binding domain
8.021 HTH_11HTH domain
10.426 HTH_12Ribonuclease R winged-helix domain
10.895 HTH_20Helix-turn-helix domain
8.229 HTH_24Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding
7.839 HTH_27Winged helix DNA-binding domain
13.088 HTH_34Winged helix DNA-binding domain
8.324 HTH_36Helix-turn-helix domain
10.927 HTH_39Helix-turn-helix domain
7.502 HTH_41Helix-turn-helix domain
8.797 HTH_45Winged helix-turn-helix
8.929 HTH_5Bacterial regulatory protein, arsR family
7.597 HTH_9RNA polymerase III subunit RPC82 helix-turn-helix domain
7.547 HTH_AsnC-typeAsnC-type helix-turn-helix domain
8.690 HTH_CodYCodY helix-turn-helix domain
9.403 HTH_Crp_2Crp-like helix-turn-helix domain
7.642 HTH_DeoRDeoR-like helix-turn-helix domain
7.881 HTH_IclRIclR helix-turn-helix domain
7.778 HTH_MgaM protein trans-acting positive regulator (MGA) HTH domain
7.634 HemN_CHemN C-terminal domain
15.871 HxlRHxlR-like helix-turn-helix
17.476 KicBKicB killing factor
7.653 LexA_DNA_bindLexA DNA binding domain
8.857 MarRMarR family
7.916 MarR_2MarR family
8.396 Mrr_NMrr N-terminal domain
8.158 PaaXPaaX-like protein
14.104 PadRTranscriptional regulator PadR-like family
7.704 Penicillinase_RPenicillinase repressor
8.201 RP-CReplication protein C N-terminal domain
8.647 RepLFirmicute plasmid replication protein (RepL)
7.840 Rio2_NRio2, N-terminal
8.294 Rrf2Transcriptional regulator
8.398 Sulfolobus_pRNSulfolobus plasmid regulatory protein
7.892 TFIIE_alphaTFIIE alpha subunit
8.009 TrmBSugar-specific transcriptional regulator TrmB