Details of SCOP family a.4.5.69

SCOP class : All alpha proteins

SCOP fold : DNA/RNA-binding 3-helical bundle

SCOP superfamily : "Winged helix" DNA-binding domain

SCOP family : HxlR-like

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Pfam families related to this family

Z score family code family description
8.096 B-block_TFIIICB-block binding subunit of TFIIIC
8.518 DUF1495Winged helix DNA-binding domain (DUF1495)
8.262 DUF2250Uncharacterized protein conserved in archaea (DUF2250)
8.830 DUF2513Hypothetical protein (DUF2513)
9.359 DUF3116Protein of unknown function (DUF3116)
9.523 DUF4364Domain of unknown function (DUF4364)
7.931 FURFerric uptake regulator family
7.762 HTH_1Bacterial regulatory helix-turn-helix protein, lysR family
8.021 HTH_11HTH domain
10.796 HTH_12Ribonuclease R winged-helix domain
13.107 HTH_20Helix-turn-helix domain
12.039 HTH_24Winged helix-turn-helix DNA-binding
13.098 HTH_27Winged helix DNA-binding domain
13.683 HTH_34Winged helix DNA-binding domain
9.994 HTH_45Winged helix-turn-helix
12.707 HTH_5Bacterial regulatory protein, arsR family
7.547 HTH_AsnC-typeAsnC-type helix-turn-helix domain
7.642 HTH_DeoRDeoR-like helix-turn-helix domain
9.899 HTH_IclRIclR helix-turn-helix domain
23.655 HxlRHxlR-like helix-turn-helix
7.653 LexA_DNA_bindLexA DNA binding domain
13.905 MarRMarR family
12.806 MarR_2MarR family
8.396 Mrr_NMrr N-terminal domain
9.024 PaaXPaaX-like protein
14.312 PadRTranscriptional regulator PadR-like family
8.201 RP-CReplication protein C N-terminal domain
7.840 Rio2_NRio2, N-terminal
8.294 Rrf2Transcriptional regulator
8.499 Sulfolobus_pRNSulfolobus plasmid regulatory protein
7.892 TFIIE_alphaTFIIE alpha subunit
9.157 TrmBSugar-specific transcriptional regulator TrmB