Details of SCOP family c.69.1.22

SCOP class : Alpha and beta proteins (a/b)

SCOP fold : alpha/beta-Hydrolases

SCOP superfamily : alpha/beta-Hydrolases

SCOP family : Thioesterase domain of polypeptide, polyketide and fatty acid synthases

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Pfam families related to this family

Z score family code family description
20.074 Abhydrolase_1alpha/beta hydrolase fold
9.537 Abhydrolase_2Phospholipase/Carboxylesterase
13.831 Abhydrolase_3alpha/beta hydrolase fold
13.333 Abhydrolase_5Alpha/beta hydrolase family
23.483 Abhydrolase_6Alpha/beta hydrolase family
7.574 Abhydrolase_8Alpha/beta hydrolase
7.793 BAAT_CBAAT / Acyl-CoA thioester hydrolase C terminal
8.570 COesteraseCarboxylesterase family
10.186 ChlorophyllaseChlorophyllase
10.721 Chlorophyllase2Chlorophyllase enzyme
7.554 CutinaseCutinase
8.157 DLHDienelactone hydrolase family
9.147 DUF1057Alpha/beta hydrolase of unknown function (DUF1057)
9.736 DUF1749Protein of unknown function (DUF1749)
14.068 DUF2048Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2048)
7.614 DUF2235Uncharacterized alpha/beta hydrolase domain (DUF2235)
14.425 DUF2305Uncharacterised conserved protein (DUF2305)
10.694 DUF2424Protein of unknown function (DUF2424)
7.977 DUF2974Protein of unknown function (DUF2974)
7.765 DUF3089Protein of unknown function (DUF3089)
8.091 DUF3141Protein of unknown function (DUF3141)
9.385 DUF676Putative serine esterase (DUF676)
9.187 DUF829Eukaryotic protein of unknown function (DUF829)
7.711 DUF915Alpha/beta hydrolase of unknown function (DUF915)
8.918 EsterasePutative esterase
10.987 FSH1Serine hydrolase (FSH1)
7.581 LCATLecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase
13.179 LIPSecretory lipase
7.724 Lipase_3Lipase (class 3)
9.458 NdrNdr family
12.347 PGAP1PGAP1-like protein
11.467 Peptidase_S10Serine carboxypeptidase
11.059 Peptidase_S15X-Pro dipeptidyl-peptidase (S15 family)
11.067 Peptidase_S9Prolyl oligopeptidase family
44.767 ThioesteraseThioesterase domain
7.831 VirJBacterial virulence protein (VirJ)