Details of SCOP family d.92.1.1

SCOP class : Alpha and beta proteins (a+b)

SCOP fold : Zincin-like

SCOP superfamily : Metalloproteases ("zincins"), catalytic domain

SCOP family : Zinc protease

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Pfam families related to this family

Z score family code family description
11.593 ATLFAnthrax toxin lethal factor, N- and C-terminal domain
24.681 Aspzincin_M35Lysine-specific metallo-endopeptidase
7.559 AstacinAstacin (Peptidase family M12A)
9.076 BSPPeptidase of plants and bacteria
11.227 DUF1570Protein of unknown function (DUF1570)
8.270 DUF2265Predicted aminopeptidase (DUF2265)
10.581 DUF2268Predicted Zn-dependent protease (DUF2268)
7.808 DUF2927Protein of unknown function (DUF2927)
9.526 DUF3152Protein of unknown function (DUF3152)
8.352 DUF3633Protein of unknown function (DUF3633)
7.665 DUF4344Domain of unknown function (DUF4344)
40.101 HRXXHPutative peptidase family
9.874 MetallopepPutative peptidase family
48.450 Peptidase_M1Peptidase family M1
17.004 Peptidase_M10Matrixin
7.965 Peptidase_M11Gametolysin peptidase M11
10.684 Peptidase_M30Peptidase M30
10.252 Peptidase_M43Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A
7.746 Peptidase_M48Peptidase family M48
9.660 Peptidase_M54Peptidase family M54
10.323 Peptidase_M57Dual-action HEIGH metallo-peptidase
10.246 Peptidase_M61M61 glycyl aminopeptidase
8.469 Peptidase_M64IgA Peptidase M64
7.860 Peptidase_M66Peptidase M66
18.694 Peptidase_M7Streptomyces extracellular neutral proteinase (M7) family
42.101 Peptidase_M90Glucose-regulated metallo-peptidase M90
8.068 Peptidase_M91Effector protein
7.511 Peptidase_MA_2Peptidase MA superfamily
10.265 ReprolysinReprolysin (M12B) family zinc metalloprotease
16.705 Reprolysin_2Metallo-peptidase family M12B Reprolysin-like
12.073 Reprolysin_3Metallo-peptidase family M12B Reprolysin-like
15.352 Reprolysin_4Metallo-peptidase family M12B Reprolysin-like
13.232 Reprolysin_5Metallo-peptidase family M12
7.556 UPF0054Uncharacterized protein family UPF0054