Details of SCOP family d.92.1.8

SCOP class : Alpha and beta proteins (a+b)

SCOP fold : Zincin-like

SCOP superfamily : Metalloproteases ("zincins"), catalytic domain

SCOP family : Astacin

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Pfam families related to this family

Z score family code family description
48.693 AstacinAstacin (Peptidase family M12A)
11.400 DUF3152Protein of unknown function (DUF3152)
27.223 Peptidase_M10Matrixin
7.981 Peptidase_M11Gametolysin peptidase M11
9.042 Peptidase_M30Peptidase M30
12.886 Peptidase_M43Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A
7.545 Peptidase_M54Peptidase family M54
14.150 Peptidase_M57Dual-action HEIGH metallo-peptidase
9.473 Peptidase_M66Peptidase M66
7.654 Peptidase_M7Streptomyces extracellular neutral proteinase (M7) family
9.199 ReprolysinReprolysin (M12B) family zinc metalloprotease
11.552 Reprolysin_2Metallo-peptidase family M12B Reprolysin-like
11.108 Reprolysin_3Metallo-peptidase family M12B Reprolysin-like
10.650 Reprolysin_4Metallo-peptidase family M12B Reprolysin-like
10.866 Reprolysin_5Metallo-peptidase family M12
7.779 Tox-MPTase3Metallopeptidase toxin 3