Details of Pfam family AA_permease_2

Pfam description : Amino acid permease

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SCOP families related to this family

Z score family code family description
23.734 f.38.1.1Glycerol-3-phosphate transporter
23.114 f.38.1.2LacY-like proton/sugar symporter

Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
10.511 2HCT2-hydroxycarboxylate transporter family
11.528 7tm_77tm Chemosensory receptor
42.425 AA_permeaseAmino acid permease
10.410 ABC2_membrane_2ABC-2 family transporter protein
11.734 ABC2_membrane_3ABC-2 family transporter protein
11.165 ABG_transportAbgT putative transporter family
12.956 ATG22Vacuole effluxer Atg22 like
24.117 Aa_transTransmembrane amino acid transporter protein
13.325 Acyl_transf_3Acyltransferase family
9.945 AftA_NArabinofuranosyltransferase N terminal
11.436 Alg6_Alg8ALG6, ALG8 glycosyltransferase family
11.774 Ammonium_transpAmmonium Transporter Family
9.441 AnoctaminCalcium-activated chloride channel
9.299 ArsBArsenical pump membrane protein
17.982 BCCTBCCT family transporter
10.499 BPD_transp_2Branched-chain amino acid transport system / permease component
10.289 BT1BT1 family
11.675 Bac_Ubq_CoxBacterial Cytochrome Ubiquinol Oxidase
10.406 BenEBenzoate membrane transport protein
17.632 Branch_AA_transBranched-chain amino acid transport protein
13.857 COX1Cytochrome C and Quinol oxidase polypeptide I
10.526 COX15-CtaACytochrome oxidase assembly protein
10.224 Cas1_AcylT10 TM Acyl Transferase domain found in Cas1p
10.342 Cons_hypoth698Conserved hypothetical protein 698
11.187 CstACarbon starvation protein CstA
10.362 DUF1229Protein of unknown function (DUF1229)
10.237 DUF1504Protein of unknown function (DUF1504)
15.484 DUF2074Predicted permease (DUF2074)
9.430 DUF2206Predicted membrane protein (DUF2206)
11.492 DUF2298Uncharacterized membrane protein (DUF2298)
11.064 DUF2776Protein of unknown function (DUF2776)
11.377 DUF401Protein of unknown function (DUF401)
12.881 DUF4401Domain of unknown function (DUF4401)
10.737 DUF70Protein of unknown function DUF70
11.455 DUF819Protein of unknown function (DUF819)
11.834 DctMDctM-like transporters
11.944 DcuCC4-dicarboxylate anaerobic carrier
14.323 EIIC-GATPTS system sugar-specific permease component
12.267 EcsBBacterial ABC transporter protein EcsB
15.500 EpsGEpsG family
11.134 FTSW_RODA_SPOVECell cycle protein
10.859 Glyco_transf_22Alg9-like mannosyltransferase family
12.456 GntP_permeaseGntP family permease
10.428 HCO3_cotranspHCO3- transporter family
11.218 LMBR1LMBR1-like membrane protein
10.364 LacY_sympLacY proton/sugar symporter
10.723 Lactate_permL-lactate permease
15.433 MFS_1Major Facilitator Superfamily
14.299 MFS_2MFS/sugar transport protein
13.708 MVINMviN-like protein
17.420 Na_Ala_sympSodium:alanine symporter family
13.973 Na_H_ExchangerSodium/hydrogen exchanger family
12.248 Na_sulph_sympSodium:sulfate symporter transmembrane region
9.906 NhaBBacterial Na+/H+ antiporter B (NhaB)
12.948 NnrSNnrS protein
16.535 NrampNatural resistance-associated macrophage protein
11.249 Nuc_H_symportNucleoside H+ symporter
13.384 O-ag_pol_WzyO-antigen polysaccharide polymerase Wzy
11.542 OpgC_COpgC protein
10.365 OtopetrinOtopetrin
10.041 PIG-UGPI transamidase subunit PIG-U
9.306 PTR2POT family
10.975 PTS_EIICPhosphotransferase system, EIIC
10.807 PUCCPUCC protein
11.554 PigNPhosphatidylinositolglycan class N (PIG-N)
11.601 SDFSodium:dicarboxylate symporter family
14.691 SLAC1Voltage-dependent anion channel
13.214 SNFSodium:neurotransmitter symporter family
15.832 SSFSodium:solute symporter family
12.338 SecYSecY translocase
10.539 SerincSerine incorporator (Serinc)
20.041 Spore_permeaseSpore germination protein
12.878 Sugar_trSugar (and other) transporter
10.555 TLCTLC ATP/ADP transporter
11.887 TRC8_NTRC8 N-terminal domain
11.835 TRPTransient receptor potential (TRP) ion channel
13.101 TctATripartite tricarboxylate transporter TctA family
17.770 Transp_cyt_purPermease for cytosine/purines, uracil, thiamine, allantoin
23.799 Trp_Tyr_permTryptophan/tyrosine permease family
11.048 UPF0104Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0104)
9.796 UbiAUbiA prenyltransferase family
12.970 Xan_ur_permeasePermease family
10.274 YhfTProtein of unknown function