Details of Pfam family AmoA

Pfam description : Putative ammonia monooxygenase

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Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
11.441 2HCT2-hydroxycarboxylate transporter family
9.863 ABC2_membrane_2ABC-2 family transporter protein
9.400 ABC2_membrane_4ABC-2 family transporter protein
9.141 Bax1-IInhibitor of apoptosis-promoting Bax1
10.816 CitMHSCitrate transporter
10.154 Cons_hypoth698Conserved hypothetical protein 698
9.810 DUF2232Predicted membrane protein (DUF2232)
10.123 DUF318Predicted permease
10.003 DUF401Protein of unknown function (DUF401)
10.999 DUF4137SBF-like CPA transporter family (DUF4137)
10.194 DUF4401Domain of unknown function (DUF4401)
13.484 DUF819Protein of unknown function (DUF819)
12.583 DUF897Domain of unknown function (DUF897)
10.054 DctMDctM-like transporters
9.456 Exosortase_EpsHTransmembrane exosortase (Exosortase_EpsH)
9.764 FecCDFecCD transport family
10.046 Glt_symporterSodium/glutamate symporter
9.217 Glucos_trans_IIGlucosyl transferase GtrII
9.503 MFS_1Major Facilitator Superfamily
10.172 Mem_transMembrane transport protein
15.261 Na_H_ExchangerSodium/hydrogen exchanger family
11.310 NnrSNnrS protein
9.453 OAD_betaNa+-transporting oxaloacetate decarboxylase beta subunit
9.511 PTS_EIIC_2Phosphotransferase system, EIIC
10.998 SLAC1Voltage-dependent anion channel
9.637 Spore_III_AEStage III sporulation protein AE (spore_III_AE)
11.251 Spore_permeaseSpore germination protein
10.620 TauESulfite exporter TauE/SafE
11.732 UPF0104Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0104)
9.264 Voltage_CLCVoltage gated chloride channel