Details of Pfam family Bac_surface_Ag

Pfam description : Surface antigen

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SCOP families related to this family

Z score family code family description
13.294 f.4.3.3Ligand-gated protein channel
12.025 f.4.3.4Outer membrane protein transport protein

Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
11.732 AutotransporterAutotransporter beta-domain
9.836 DUF2320Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria (DUF2320)
10.324 DUF2490Protein of unknown function (DUF2490)
9.067 DUF3187Protein of unknown function (DUF3187)
10.181 DUF3308Protein of unknown function (DUF3308)
10.098 DUF4421Domain of unknown function (DUF4421)
9.854 DUF481Protein of unknown function, DUF481
10.024 OMP_b-brlOuter membrane protein beta-barrel domain
10.574 OstA_COrganic solvent tolerance protein
9.725 Phenol_MetA_degPutative MetA-pathway of phenol degradation
9.295 Toluene_XOuter membrane protein transport protein (OMPP1/FadL/TodX)