Details of Pfam family DUF1302

Pfam description : Protein of unknown function (DUF1302)

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SCOP families related to this family

Z score family code family description
9.128 f.4.3.1Porin
14.605 f.4.3.3Ligand-gated protein channel
11.174 f.4.3.4Outer membrane protein transport protein

Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
13.689 Alginate_expAlginate export
15.190 Caps_assemb_WziCapsule assembly protein Wzi
12.989 DUF1597Outer membrane protein family (DUF1597)
13.542 DUF3374Protein of unknown function (DUF3374)
10.334 DUF4289Domain of unknown function (DUF4289)
15.225 OMP_b-brl_3Outer membrane protein beta-barrel family
11.621 OprBCarbohydrate-selective porin, OprB family
10.598 OstA_COrganic solvent tolerance protein
13.391 Porin_O_PPhosphate-selective porin O and P
11.186 Toluene_XOuter membrane protein transport protein (OMPP1/FadL/TodX)
10.436 UsherOuter membrane usher protein