Details of Pfam family EF-hand_4

Pfam description : Cytoskeletal-regulatory complex EF hand

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SCOP families related to this family

Z score family code family description
8.777 a.39.1.1Calbindin D9K
10.519 a.39.1.10Polcalcin
9.396 a.39.1.2S100 proteins
8.633 a.39.1.4Parvalbumin
8.873 a.39.1.5Calmodulin-like
14.651 a.39.1.6Eps15 homology domain (EH domain)
8.921 a.39.1.7EF-hand modules in multidomain proteins
9.820 a.39.1.8Penta-EF-hand proteins