Details of Pfam family Nramp

Pfam description : Natural resistance-associated macrophage protein

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SCOP families related to this family

Z score family code family description
7.588 f.19.1.1Aquaporin-like

Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
10.169 2HCT2-hydroxycarboxylate transporter family
14.666 AA_permease_2Amino acid permease
11.462 Aa_transTransmembrane amino acid transporter protein
9.329 Ammonium_transpAmmonium Transporter Family
9.768 BenEBenzoate membrane transport protein
11.276 CitMHSCitrate transporter
10.065 DUF1646Protein of unknown function (DUF1646)
9.002 DUF2074Predicted permease (DUF2074)
9.786 DUF318Predicted permease
9.598 DUF401Protein of unknown function (DUF401)
10.758 DUF4401Domain of unknown function (DUF4401)
9.239 DUF70Protein of unknown function DUF70
9.643 DUF819Protein of unknown function (DUF819)
10.888 DctMDctM-like transporters
9.113 DcuA_DcuBAnaerobic c4-dicarboxylate membrane transporter
9.292 EIIC-GATPTS system sugar-specific permease component
9.367 EpsGEpsG family
10.500 FecCDFecCD transport family
10.076 Glucos_trans_IIGlucosyl transferase GtrII
10.547 GntP_permeaseGntP family permease
9.394 MASE1MASE1
11.533 MFS_1Major Facilitator Superfamily
9.355 MFS_2MFS/sugar transport protein
10.011 MVINMviN-like protein
12.738 Na_Ala_sympSodium:alanine symporter family
10.575 Na_H_ExchangerSodium/hydrogen exchanger family
9.501 NnrSNnrS protein
10.356 NrfDPolysulphide reductase, NrfD
10.096 SDFSodium:dicarboxylate symporter family
10.372 SLAC1Voltage-dependent anion channel
14.791 SSFSodium:solute symporter family
10.953 Spore_permeaseSpore germination protein
9.589 TctATripartite tricarboxylate transporter TctA family
12.647 Trp_Tyr_permTryptophan/tyrosine permease family
9.645 UPF0104Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0104)
9.833 UPF0118Domain of unknown function DUF20
11.731 Voltage_CLCVoltage gated chloride channel
9.100 Xan_ur_permeasePermease family