Details of Pfam family PTS_EIIC_2

Pfam description : Phosphotransferase system, EIIC

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Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
10.245 ABC2_membrane_2ABC-2 family transporter protein
9.231 AmoAPutative ammonia monooxygenase
10.523 CitMHSCitrate transporter
9.087 Cyto_ox_2Cytochrome oxidase subunit II
9.784 DUF1646Protein of unknown function (DUF1646)
10.810 DUF318Predicted permease
10.269 DUF401Protein of unknown function (DUF401)
10.618 DUF4401Domain of unknown function (DUF4401)
9.825 DUF819Protein of unknown function (DUF819)
9.205 DUF979Protein of unknown function (DUF979)
9.418 DcuCC4-dicarboxylate anaerobic carrier
10.114 EutHEthanolamine utilisation protein, EutH
9.469 FTR1Iron permease FTR1 family
9.632 FecCDFecCD transport family
9.363 Glucos_trans_IIGlucosyl transferase GtrII
9.294 GntP_permeaseGntP family permease
9.698 MASE1MASE1
9.900 MFS_2MFS/sugar transport protein
12.286 Na_H_ExchangerSodium/hydrogen exchanger family
9.960 NnrSNnrS protein
9.966 NrfDPolysulphide reductase, NrfD
9.276 PHO4Phosphate transporter family
12.867 PTS_EIICPhosphotransferase system, EIIC
9.370 Polysacc_syntPolysaccharide biosynthesis protein
9.385 RhaTL-rhamnose-proton symport protein (RhaT)
11.503 SDFSodium:dicarboxylate symporter family
10.561 SLAC1Voltage-dependent anion channel
10.947 Spore_III_AEStage III sporulation protein AE (spore_III_AE)
9.193 Spore_permeaseSpore germination protein
10.669 UPF0104Uncharacterised protein family (UPF0104)
9.790 UPF0118Domain of unknown function DUF20
9.911 UTUrea transporter
12.077 Voltage_CLCVoltage gated chloride channel
10.978 Xan_ur_permeasePermease family