Details of Pfam family SARG

Pfam description : Specifically androgen-regulated gene protein

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Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
9.001 ARHGEF5_35Rho guanine nucleotide exchange factor 5/35
9.632 BUD22BUD22
11.575 CDC27DNA polymerase subunit Cdc27
10.060 CaldesmonCaldesmon
14.110 DMP1Dentin matrix protein 1 (DMP1)
11.167 DUF2457Protein of unknown function (DUF2457)
9.464 DUF2722Protein of unknown function (DUF2722)
12.867 DUF3295Protein of unknown function (DUF3295)
10.757 DUF4045Domain of unknown function (DUF4045)
10.911 DUF4584Domain of unknown function (DUF4584)
10.589 DUF4655Domain of unknown function (DUF4655)
9.284 DUF688Protein of unknown function (DUF688)
12.701 Drc1-Sld2DNA replication and checkpoint protein
10.015 Ehrlichia_rptEhrlichia tandem repeat (Ehrlichia_rpt)
10.856 FAM196FAM196 family
9.398 FSIP1FSIP1 family
13.563 GraninGranin (chromogranin or secretogranin)
12.050 MDM1Nuclear protein MDM1
14.223 MIP-T3Microtubule-binding protein MIP-T3
10.204 Mating_CC-terminal domain of homeodomain 1
10.164 Mpp10Mpp10 protein
13.849 Nha1_CAlkali metal cation/H+ antiporter Nha1 C terminus
10.856 Nop53Nop53 (60S ribosomal biogenesis)
10.247 SLD3DNA replication regulator SLD3
11.861 SemenogelinSemenogelin
12.597 TCO89TORC1 subunit TCO89
12.060 TreacleTreacher Collins syndrome protein Treacle
9.033 Tymo_45kd_70kdTymovirus 45/70Kd protein
9.860 WTXWTX protein