Details of Pfam family Sec3_C

Pfam description : Exocyst complex component Sec3

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Pfam families related to this family (when query is the Pfam family)

Z score family code family description
9.192 AAA_13AAA domain
10.870 BicDMicrotubule-associated protein Bicaudal-D
15.855 COG6Conserved oligomeric complex COG6
10.220 COG7Golgi complex component 7 (COG7)
12.053 CastRIM-binding protein of the cytomatrix active zone
9.001 CullinCullin family
10.673 DHC_N1Dynein heavy chain, N-terminal region 1
11.492 DUF869Plant protein of unknown function (DUF869)
9.093 FragX_IPCytoplasmic Fragile-X interacting family
9.014 GOLGA2L5Putative golgin subfamily A member 2-like protein 5
9.292 HOOKHOOK protein
10.464 MADMitotic checkpoint protein
14.179 Myosin_tail_1Myosin tail
10.011 SCP-1Synaptonemal complex protein 1 (SCP-1)
9.489 SEN1_NSEN1 N terminal
10.207 Sec10Exocyst complex component Sec10
9.885 Sec6Exocyst complex component Sec6
9.323 Vps35Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 35
14.159 Vps52Vps52 / Sac2 family
9.019 Zw10Centromere/kinetochore Zw10