Details of Superfamily b.18.1

Diagram of relationships between the families present in b.18.1 Superfamily.

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SCOP class : All beta proteins

SCOP fold : Galactose-binding domain-like

SCOP superfamily : Galactose-binding domain-like

Pfam families present in this Superfamily

APC10 -- Anaphase-promoting complex, subunit 10 (APC10) (PF03256)

Allantoicase -- Allantoicase repeat (PF03561)

BetaGal_dom4_5 -- Beta-galactosidase jelly roll domain (PF13364)

CBM-like -- Polysaccharide lyase family 4, domain III (PF14683)

CBM27 -- Carbohydrate binding module 27 (PF09212)

CBM_11 -- Carbohydrate binding domain (family 11) (PF03425)

CBM_15 -- Carbohydrate binding domain (family 15) (PF03426)

CBM_17_28 -- Carbohydrate binding domain (family 17/28) (PF03424)

CBM_4_9 -- Carbohydrate binding domain (PF02018)

CBM_6 -- Carbohydrate binding module (family 6) (PF03422)

CIA30 -- Complex I intermediate-associated protein 30 (CIA30) (PF08547)

DUF4627 -- Domain of unknown function (DUF4627) (PF15425)

DUF642 -- Protein of unknown function (DUF642) (PF04862)

DUF750 -- Domain of unknown function (DUF750) (PF04721)

Endotoxin_C -- delta endotoxin (PF03944)

Ephrin_lbd -- Ephrin receptor ligand binding domain (PF01404)

F5_F8_type_C -- F5/8 type C domain (PF00754)

FBA -- F-box associated region (PF04300)

FlaA -- Flagellar filament outer layer protein Flaa (PF04620)

Glyco_hydro_2_N -- Glycosyl hydrolases family 2, sugar binding domain (PF02837)

Lyase_N -- Lyase, N terminal (PF09092)

Muskelin_N -- Muskelin N-terminus (PF06588)

PA-IL -- PA-IL-like protein (PF07828)

PITH -- PITH domain (PF06201)

PepX_C -- X-Pro dipeptidyl-peptidase C-terminal non-catalytic domain (PF08530)

Sad1_UNC -- Sad1 / UNC-like C-terminal (PF07738)

XRCC1_N -- XRCC1 N terminal domain (PF01834)