Details of Superfamily b.67.2

Diagram of relationships between the families present in b.67.2 Superfamily.

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SCOP class : All beta proteins

SCOP fold : 5-bladed beta-propeller

SCOP superfamily : Arabinanase/levansucrase/invertase

Pfam families present in this Superfamily

DUF1861 -- Protein of unknown function (DUF1861) (PF08950)

DUF377 -- Domain of unknown function (DUF377) (PF04041)

Glyco_hydro_32N -- Glycosyl hydrolases family 32 N-terminal domain (PF00251)

Glyco_hydro_43 -- Glycosyl hydrolases family 43 (PF04616)

Glyco_hydro_62 -- Glycosyl hydrolase family 62 (PF03664)

Glyco_hydro_68 -- Levansucrase/Invertase (PF02435)