Details of Superfamily c.108.1

Diagram of relationships between the families present in c.108.1 Superfamily.

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SCOP class : Alpha and beta proteins (a/b)

SCOP fold : HAD-like

SCOP superfamily : HAD-like

Pfam families present in this Superfamily

5-nucleotidase -- 5'-nucleotidase (PF06189)

5_nucleotid -- 5' nucleotidase family (PF05761)

Acid_PPase -- Acid Phosphatase (PF12689)

Acid_phosphat_B -- HAD superfamily, subfamily IIIB (Acid phosphatase) (PF03767)

DUF2608 -- Protein of unknown function (DUF2608) (PF11019)

DUF705 -- Protein of unknown function (DUF705) (PF05152)

HAD -- haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (PF12710)

HAD_2 -- Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (PF13419)

Hydrolase -- haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (PF00702)

Hydrolase_3 -- haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (PF08282)

Hydrolase_6 -- Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase (PF13344)

Hydrolase_like -- HAD-hyrolase-like (PF13242)

ISN1 -- IMP-specific 5'-nucleotidase (PF06437)

LNS2 -- LNS2 (Lipin/Ned1/Smp2) (PF08235)

NIF -- NLI interacting factor-like phosphatase (PF03031)

NT5C -- 5' nucleotidase, deoxy (Pyrimidine), cytosolic type C protein (NT5C) (PF06941)

PGP_phosphatase -- Mitochondrial PGP phosphatase (PF09419)

PMM -- Eukaryotic phosphomannomutase (PF03332)

PNK3P -- Polynucleotide kinase 3 phosphatase (PF08645)

Put_Phosphatase -- Putative Phosphatase (PF06888)

S6PP -- Sucrose-6F-phosphate phosphohydrolase (PF05116)

Trehalose_PPase -- Trehalose-phosphatase (PF02358)

UMPH-1 -- Pyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase (UMPH-1) (PF05822)