Details of Superfamily d.108.1

Diagram of relationships between the families present in d.108.1 Superfamily.

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SCOP class : Alpha and beta proteins (a+b)

SCOP fold : Acyl-CoA N-acyltransferases (Nat)

SCOP superfamily : Acyl-CoA N-acyltransferases (Nat)

Pfam families present in this Superfamily

ATE_C -- Arginine-tRNA-protein transferase, C terminus (PF04377)

Acetyltransf_1 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) family (PF00583)

Acetyltransf_10 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13673)

Acetyltransf_3 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13302)

Acetyltransf_4 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13420)

Acetyltransf_5 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13444)

Acetyltransf_6 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13480)

Acetyltransf_7 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13508)

Acetyltransf_8 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13523)

Acetyltransf_9 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF13527)

Acetyltransf_CG -- GCN5-related N-acetyl-transferase (PF14542)

AstA -- Arginine N-succinyltransferase beta subunit (PF04958)

Autoind_synth -- Autoinducer synthetase (PF00765)

DUF1122 -- Protein of unknown function (DUF1122) (PF06557)

DUF1999 -- Protein of unknown function (DUF1999) (PF09390)

DUF2156 -- Uncharacterized conserved protein (DUF2156) (PF09924)

DUF3749 -- Acetyltransferase (GNAT) domain (PF12568)

FR47 -- FR47-like protein (PF08445)

GNAT_acetyltr_2 -- GNAT acetyltransferase 2 (PF13718)

GNAT_acetyltran -- GNAT acetyltransferase (PF12746)

Gly_acyl_tr_C -- Aralkyl acyl-CoA:amino acid N-acyltransferase, C-terminal region (PF08444)

Gly_acyl_tr_N -- Aralkyl acyl-CoA:amino acid N-acyltransferase (PF06021)

Leu_Phe_trans -- Leucyl/phenylalanyl-tRNA protein transferase (PF03588)

Mec-17 -- Touch receptor neuron protein Mec-17 (PF05301)

NMT_C -- Myristoyl-CoA:protein N-myristoyltransferase, C-terminal domain (PF02799)

ODC_AZ -- Ornithine decarboxylase antizyme (PF02100)