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AccessionPfam codeDescription
PF01398JABJAB1/Mov34/MPN/PAD-1 ubiquitin protease
PF01419JacalinJacalin-like lectin domain
PF14804Jag_NJag N-terminus
PF15351JCADJunctional protein associated with coronary artery disease
PF06585JHBPHaemolymph juvenile hormone binding protein (JHBP)
PF14901Jiv90Cleavage inducing molecular chaperone
PF02373JmjCJmjC domain, hydroxylase
PF02375JmjNjmjN domain
PF09744Jnk-SapK_ap_NJNK_SAPK-associated protein-1
PF15392JoubertJoubert syndrome-associated
PF15312JSRPJunctional sarcoplasmic reticulum protein
PF05439JTBJumping translocation breakpoint protein (JTB)
PF03957JunJun-like transcription factor