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AccessionPfam codeDescription
PF09796QCR10Ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase complex subunit (QCR10)
PF08992QH-AmDH_gammaQuinohemoprotein amine dehydrogenase, gamma subunit
PF14930Qn_am_d_aIIQuinohemoprotein amine dehydrogenase, alpha subunit domain II
PF09099Qn_am_d_aIIIQuinohemoprotein amine dehydrogenase, alpha subunit domain III
PF09100Qn_am_d_aIVQuinohemoprotein amine dehydrogenase, alpha subunit domain IV
PF01729QRPTase_CQuinolinate phosphoribosyl transferase, C-terminal domain
PF02749QRPTase_NQuinolinate phosphoribosyl transferase, N-terminal domain
PF06508QueCQueuosine biosynthesis protein QueC
PF14489QueFQueF-like protein
PF14819QueF_NNitrile reductase, 7-cyano-7-deazaguanine-reductase N-term
PF06177QueTQueT transporter
PF02547Queuosine_synthQueuosine biosynthesis protein