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AccessionPfam codeDescription
PF06176WaaYLipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis protein (WaaY)
PF10537WAC_Acf1_DNA_bdATP-utilising chromatin assembly and remodelling N-terminal
PF12264Waikav_capsid_1Waikavirus capsid protein 1
PF08488WAKWall-associated kinase
PF14380WAK_assocWall-associated receptor kinase C-terminal
PF00095WAPWAP-type (Whey Acidic Protein) 'four-disulfide core'
PF07814WAPLWings apart-like protein regulation of heterochromatin
PF14746WASH-7_CWASH complex subunit 7, C-terminal
PF14744WASH-7_midWASH complex subunit 7
PF14745WASH-7_NWASH complex subunit 7, N-terminal
PF11945WASH_WAHDWAHD domain of WASH complex
PF07507WavEWavE lipopolysaccharide synthesis
PF12076Wax2_CWAX2 C-terminal domain
PF11669WBP-1WW domain-binding protein 1
PF09429Wbp11WW domain binding protein 11
PF08889WbqCWbqC-like protein family
PF15164WBS28Williams-Beuren syndrome chromosomal region 28 protein homologue
PF12589WBS_methylTMethyltransferase involved in Williams-Beuren syndrome
PF03716WCCHWCCH motif
PF05562WCOR413Cold acclimation protein WCOR413
PF09765WD-3WD-repeat region
PF00400WD40WD domain, G-beta repeat
PF14077WD40_altAlternative WD40 repeat motif
PF05701WEMBLWeak chloroplast movement under blue light
PF03007WES_acyltransfWax ester synthase-like Acyl-CoA acyltransferase domain
PF10273WGGPre-rRNA-processing protein TSR2
PF05406WGRWGR domain
PF14903WG_beta_repWG containing repeat
PF00568WH1WH1 domain
PF02205WH2WH2 motif
PF13305WHGWHG domain
PF14414WHHA nuclease of the HNH/ENDO VII superfamily with conserved WHH
PF08528Whi5Whi5 like
PF10298WhiA_NWhiA N-terminal LAGLIDADG-like domain
PF02467WhibTranscription factor WhiB
PF15612WHIM1WSTF, HB1, Itc1p, MBD9 motif 1
PF15613WHIM2WSTF, HB1, Itc1p, MBD9 motif 2
PF15614WHIM3WSTF, HB1, Itc1p, MBD9 motif 3
PF08536WhirlyWhirly transcription factor
PF07107WI12Wound-induced protein WI12
PF02019WIFWIF domain
PF10440WIYLDUbiquitin-binding WIYLD domain
PF08325WLMWLM domain
PF07861WNDWisP family N-Terminal Region
PF00110wntwnt family
PF08186Wound_indWound-inducible basic protein family
PF13943WPPWPP domain
PF03106WRKYWRKY DNA -binding domain
PF10206WRWMitochondrial F1F0-ATP synthase, subunit f
PF01822WSCWSC domain
PF03832WSKWSK motif
PF02206WSNDomain of unknown function
PF12175WSS_VPWhite spot syndrome virus structural envelope protein VP
PF02165WT1Wilm's tumour protein
PF03303WTFWTF protein
PF09422WTXWTX protein
PF14043WVELLWVELL protein
PF00397WWWW domain
PF08258WWamideWWamide peptide
PF10349WWbpWW-domain ligand protein
PF02825WWEWWE domain
PF09688Wx5_PLAF3D7Protein of unknown function (Wx5_PLAF3D7)
PF06013WXG100Proteins of 100 residues with WXG
PF13731WxLWxL domain surface cell wall-binding
PF13280WYLWYL domain
PF08608Wyosine_formWyosine base formation
PF14524Wzt_CWzt C-terminal domain
PF06899WzyEWzyE protein
PF04932Wzy_CO-Antigen ligase
PF02706WzzChain length determinant protein
PF07483W_rich_CTryptophan-rich Synechocystis species C-terminal domain